My Garden

January 6th, 2013

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One of my favorite blogs, Margaret Roach’s A Way To Garden inspired this post. She was writing about winter gardening chores in New England. Of course, it isn’t the way we winter garden in Central Florida. Winter and summer…it doesn’t mean the same to everyone.

While reading Margaret’s blog about winter chores, I was struck by her request for suggestions about winter chores. Winter chores are so dramatically different here in the deep south from those in the northern climes.

In Florida, as well as South Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia it is planting and harvesting time. Summer eggplants are still producing…tomatoes planted in August beginning to bear fruit, not to mention the citrus trees are giving us their fruit for another fall, winter and spring. And, it is joy that we feel about all the vegetables and flowers we can plant that will give us harvest and color all winter long.

Ask me about summer, when you are harvesting the bounty of spring and early summer plantings, we are sweltering in the heat and humidity. I see pictures of your farmer’s markets and roadside stands brimming with vegetables, flowers and the harvest of fall ripening fruit, the emotion I feel is nothing short of jealousy. But, everything to its season, they just aren’t always the same.

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