I’m not young in years…probably older than most of you. But I know that the years don’t count when you have that something I referred to in my tagline…CURIOSITY…curiosity is a great teacher and it keeps you young. It gives you a reason to wake up, learn something new and enjoy life. I imagine most of you are curious people. That’s what makes you visit the internet and look at new blogs like this one.

Well, you are going to see from this blog that I am a very curious person. When I first conceived the blog it was going to be about my Stampin’ Up world but I quickly knew that there were other things I wanted to tell you about.

Here are some of the details of my life. I live in Central Florida and I have a husband named Doug, two children, five grandchildren, two dogs, two cats and a lovebird. You will see and hear a lot about these people and animals on my “Things I Love” page.

Through the years I have had many creative outlets; sewing, needlepoint and embroidery to mention a few. One of the most creative things I ever did was breed and exhibit British Shorthair Cats. I did this for 17 years with much success. But as I got older, I decided I didn’t want to be known as “that old cat lady” so I decided to retire.

If you like cats, see my Cats & Kittens Page. There are pictures of my International winning Brits as well as lots of baby kitten pictures…so cute. You will see that British Shorthairs come in several color and patterns but the most famous are the solid Blues. Remember the movie Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, that scary blue-gray cat was a British Shorthair. Actually, they are not scary at all…just big old teddy bear cats.

I love to cook…I hear groans out there. But let me clarify how much I cook…dinner only. Sometimes I start in the morning cooking something we will eat tonight. Then I have all afternoon to work in my studio creating cards and projects for my Stampin’ Up classes.

Gardening is about as creative as you can get. I love my gardens; landscaping, container gardens, vegetable and flower gardens and the birds and butterflies that populate the gardens. Well, maybe not the unwanted pest…I did say I live in Central Florida.

OK, enough about me, let’s get on to more interesting things.

3 thoughts on “Me

  1. What a fabulous Blog! I have enjoyed reading each one! Keep up the great work. For future consideration, a good recipe for for cooking oatmeal might be highly desirable!

    An Old Fan,


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